Dirk Schwenk: Singer-Songwriter

Dirk Schwenk is an award winning singer-songwriter from the great state of Maryland. His formal training includes years of clarinet and symphonic band, but he found rock and roll as a late-addition bass player in the High School talent show, and never went back. He has been singing, playing guitar and songwriting ever since, and has played for crowds at many of Maryland's best venues, including the Rams Head on Stage, the Recher Theater, Rams Head Live, The 8x10 and Annapolis' The Whiskey.  Set lists start with great original music but could include everything from Johnny Cash to Jack Johnson to the Ramones.   Great songs; drinking songs with a Country edge; and a good time while we are here on earth.

"I've Been Thinking" was released in 2011, and is Dirk's fourth collection.   It contains 5 previously unreleased originals and four songs from collections past.  The new tracks includes a love song -- "I've Been Thinking;" a couple of songs inspired by fatherhood -- "Your Life" and "Moon Shine;"  -- and some stuff from the less love-y side of the bed -- "Gotta Go" and "Rocky Bottom."  Its original music -- so listen more than once -- and hopefully the songs will get you were you need to be.  Many other originals are available through the FREEstate Workshop, which can be found here:   A new studio project is in the works ... announcement forthcoming. 

The Right One

FREEstate Workshop - Long Time Coming - New!

The River (DS Original) FREEstate edition

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